The spring inshore and near shore bites continues to be off the hook along in the North Suncoast. Inshore, snook, redfish and trout are aggressively feeding to store body fat and oils for the rigors of spawning. Nearshore, Spanish and king mackerel, grouper and cobia are following the northerly bait migration that is in full swing.



The wind speed and direction has been the deciding factor in where your efforts will be applied. It is difficult to recall a spring that has been as windy and for as long as 2008. While inshore flats fishing is near “weatherpoof”, that is not the case nearshore. Short of easterly winds that are both manageable and productive for species such as Spanish and king mackerel, cobia, bonita and shallow water grouper, any other quadrant may prove to be difficult in reaching comfortably and safely.


Pro logic


When the winds allow, there has been plenty of action around the county artificial reefs. Grouper, snapper, king and Spanish mackerel and cobia are typical species bring caught aground the reefs the past weeks. Far less known to many is the presence of oversized permit. There is no rhyme or reason to which reefs will prove successful. A “dollar: crab or live shrimp pinned to a small jig head and freelined back into the current gets the nod.


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