Indian summer water temperatures have snook, redfish and trout holding in atypical locations for mid December. Grass flat edges and oyster bars guarding creek mouths are producing trout, redfish and the occasional flounder. Winter snook are sunning on the edges of residential canals and river mouths. On occasion, large schools of pillaging jack crevalle are trekking through many of these areas without warning.


Find the mullet


Large schools of mullet continue to mass along the shoreline. The larger the school and the more ruckus the mullet create, the more likely the mullet are attracting a following of redfish, trout and other gamefish. Winter lower tides are staging the mullet in the troughs of the flats and along the bars. Following the schools of mullet to the shoreline during flood tides is staple in keeping your productivity going.


Pro Logic


Scaled sardines are still available and worth the effort in catching. Most of the areas holding these gamefish are in clear and shallow water. Work these areas with a soft jerkbait attached to a 1/16-ounce weighted offset worm hook to locate your quarry. Once found, drop your anchor and live chum the area for extended play.


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