The American tradition of Thanksgiving will bring kin folk of all ages together this week. Many youngsters and otherwise landlubbers will be introduced to saltwater fishing with the weather forecasted to be picture perfect. It is important that the new comer gets action and catches fish, any fish. Too often salty anglers are caught within their high expectations not realizing that bending the rod is often more important than Moby Dick.


Pro Logic:


The grass flats from 3 to 8 feet deep are abundant right now with spotted seatrout, Spanish mackerel, bluefish and ladyfish. Oyster bars, rocky outcrops and rip-rap are places to move to as the tide rises during midday for redfish and some prized flounder. Sight fishing opportunities exist for redfish at the first of the flood tide for anglers working the holes and swash channels adjacent to plush grass flats and that are dotted with sandy white depressions. All that is needed for any of this fishing is a simple jig rigged with a small grub tail that is just heavy enough to reach the bottom.


Big Game Abound:


Despite it being the third week of November, in between the cold fronts and when the water temperatures are hovering near 70 degress, I am still jumping tarpon between 50 and 100 lbs on nearly every attempt. I see this week being no exception. Fish deep, they are there.


Capt. Robert McCue can be reached through his website www.GiantTarpon.com or toll free at 800.833.0489.