The remaining week’s warming trend, northerly quadrant winds and morning low tides will formulate a favorable blueprint for tailing redfish.




Small swash channels, depressions and the edges of the flats will concentrate the reds at the lowest stages of the tide. At the first turn of flooding water, these reds will push up into the shallowest of waters rooting for forage and often expose their blue tinted tails. The fish seem preoccupied with their noses buried in the bottom, but they are feeding. The fish will be spooky. A slow, methodical and stealthy approach is crucial for success.


Pro Logic


Soft plastic jerkbaits rigged weedless will keep your baits from being fouled on the bottom. Cast the lures in front of the fish by 10 feet. A misplaced cast too close to the fish will often spook them. You are certain to see more fish than you will catch. However, eyewitness accounts of explosive strikes and major displacements of water created on blitzing runs define the sport of sight fishing.


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