Captain's Corner: Equinox effects

By Robert McCue, Times Correspondent
In Print: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's hot: The passing of the autumnal equinox last week will set off the biological clock of fish. The shorter days, with the first cool fronts in the next few weeks, will spark the pinnacle of fall fishing.

Pro logic: Concentrations of bait pods will migrate down the shoreline. The potpourri of bait will attract Spanish mackerel and king mackerel, tarpon, grouper, cobia, amberjack and bluefish. Savvy anglers should watch depth recorders, paying particular attention to where bait is near the bottom. Seagulls and royal terns will get anglers in the right spot.

Frenzied tarpon: October will offer some of best tarpon fishing. They will gorge on the bait concentrations as they exit the large estuary systems such as Tampa Bay and Charlotte Harbor. Fishing pressure will be virtually nonexistent, but the bite is traditionally the best of the year.

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